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Please be sure to CALL (513-899-3616) to arrange your group outing! Discounts, Packages and Assistance with Trip Coordination are Available! 



Are you planning a work outing, boy-scout/girl-scout, school group, sports team or church organization or other large event on the river? Please give us a call today- to discuss trip options, locations, pricing, modes of river transportation, safety, picnic areas-- and many other ideas to help make your group outing a huge success and a day full of memories to last a lifetime! 

Please call us at: 513-899-3616 to get started today.



Groups can earn an additional discount by transporting yourselves. We deliver and pickup canoes, you transport the group. Offered on select trips only; details upon request.



When planning river trips involving youth, make certain that everyone involved, including all parents, understand that no life guards are stationed along these self-guided routes. Also make certain that the group has enough adult leadership and supervision for existing river conditions.

River trips and associated activities should not be equated with an amusement park experience. An ideal river trip should be very relaxing without strict schedules, try not to plan or crowd too many additional activities into your groups agenda. It is important to have a well rested group that can focus their energies and attentions to the planned trip as well as the existing river conditions. Study weather forecasts closely relative to your plans; we can update you as to water levels and river speeds.

The experienced adult (s) in the lead canoe (s) should be able to recognize obstacles in river currents such as fallen trees, limbs, large rocks, etc. that must be avoided by the group; these obstacles can be extremely hazardous. The adult (s) in the trail canoe (s) must make certain that no members of the group stray outside of the group formation. Many group leaders carry cellular telephones in plastic (tupperware) containers on their river trips.

If your group is camped and severe weather and/or flooding occurs, we can assist leaders with alternate activities in the area.

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